TRASH BUSTER   Puts a lid on odors!
This powerful, highly concentrated, heavy-duty, deodorant cleaner is fast, cost effective and environmentally safe. Eliminates odors on contact, emulsifies grease, grime and dirt allowing you to just wash it away.

 Primary Applications
  • v Works wonders on trash shoots, trash compactor and garbage collection sites.
  • The perfect solution for outdoor kitchens, areas with high temperatures and excessive humidity.
  • Great for public restrooms and non-ventilated locations.  

Benefits / Competitive Advantage

  • Our patented odor counteractant eliminates ALL odors. No need to mask odors when you can eliminate them. 
  • Eradicates and prevents odors growth caused by humidity, moister and floods.
  • Removes odors and cleans in one simple step.
  • Keeps away flies.

Heavy Duty
Odor Counteractant & Cleaner


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