Achieve Higher Profit Margins

The competitive Interflo price structure provides distributors and brokers with excellent profit opportunities.

  • Lower Units Cost and Higher Inventory Turns.
  • Outstanding Sales and Marketing Support Programs.
  • Increased Revenue and Profit Margin.

Market Support Plans 


We offer distributors and product brokers incentives and market support designed to drive product sales and profitability. Our market support programs include:

  • Introductory Programs
  • 3 Week Deep Discounts
  • Off Invoice Discounts
  • Quarterly Off Invoice Discounts
  • Ad or Flier Allowance
  • Advertising Support Dollars 
  • Flier Coupon Clippers 


Interflo Industries offers superior product performance at a lower price point. We provide distributors with higher net margins and end users with a lower cost per use.

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